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It has taken us a while, and we hope this is still in time for your holiday planning...

Contents of this page:

1. tips for holiday destinations

2. the little differences between Anglo-Saxon and German customs

3. some helpful sentences for your conversation with each other (this goes both ways!)

4. a final remark, courtesy of John "Basil" Cleese

1. tips for holiday destinations:

Stuttgart - the city where Florian was born some 30 years ago. Obviously a great place to visit, and Floz will take it as an offence if you do not spend at least 2 weeks exploring the sights. If you don't have that much time, we'll give you a few tips for what to do and see in a couple of days:

The city, with its opera house (one of the best in opera companies in the world, unfortunately they will have their summer break when you are there), beautiful castles (Altes und Neues Schloss), Old and New State Galleries (for heaps of classic and modern art), the just recently opened Museum of Art (for more art), and lots of opportunities for visiting cafés, beergardens, and shopping in the extensive pedestrian area, the "Königstrasse". Stuttgart has a world famous zoo and botanical garden, the "Wilhelma", which is always worth a visit. Ask Florian's brother Jörg, he'll come with you, and take the whole family (his wife Beate and the three kids). If you are more into cars, go and see the respective Porsche and Mercedes museums. For musical fans, there is the new musical complex, with two different musicals playing at any given time.

If you are looking to indulge in a bit of German haute couture/retail therapy, we can recommend a town called Metzingen (about half an hour from Stuttgart).  Metzingen is home to the factory outlet centres for Joop, Jil Sander, Hugo Boss, Escada, Bally, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralf Lauren  etc.....
As with all outlet centres, while there are some bargains to be found, you really have to look hard! 
For more info see: shopping city

The "Burgenstrasse" (Castle Road), is a road that connects many castles from Mannheim in the west to Prague in the East.
It comes very close to Liebenstein Castle when it passes through Heilbronn...

This is the western part of the Castle Road, you'll find the rest on the website..

castle road

One of Ali's all-time favourites (she has travelled it three times!) - the romantic road.
It is an old trade route connecting the River Main and the Alps. You can join the romantic road  in a one hour car trip
from Liebenstein to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the highlights of the whole road. As you can see above,
you could take the "castle road" to Rothenburg, then go on to the romantic road.

There are lots of beautiful medieval towns and castles along the road,
culminating in the Disneyland predecessor of the mad Bavarian King Ludwig, Neuschwanstein castle.

romantic map

Füssen in particular is worth a visit as it is nestled in the foothills of the Alps and is particularly scenic. You can hike into the mountains, visit the castles, or as Ali did when she was 16 hire a bike and cycle and explore the region.

There are plenty more nice destinations which are easily reached in a few hours, including Munich, Zürich, the Black Forest, or Cologne and the Rhine Valley. Berlin, Hamburg, or Prague are a days drive away. Happy travelling!!!

2. little differences

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3. helpful sentences

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4. final remark:

To make sure that your holiday in Germany is a pleasant one, keep Basil Fawlty's words in mind...
"Don't mention the war!"

Don't mention the war!

PS: "Don't mention the war!" - das ist ein Satz, den Ali oft gehört hat, wenn sie anderen Leuten erzählt hat, dass sie in Deutschland heiraten wird. Es ist ein geflügeltes Wort von der englischen Comedy-Serie
"Fawlty Towers" mit Monthy Python John Cleese. Basil Fawlty (Cleese), ist ein Hotelier und hat deutsche Gäste zu Besuch. Er ist so darum besorgt, ja nicht den Krieg zu erwähnen, daß er es dann unabsichtlich dauernd doch tut und am Ende im Stechschritt durch sein Hotel geht... Absolut sehenswert!

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