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the day

According to the Complete Book of Australian Weddings,
"whether a wedding takes place in a church or outdoors, groomsmen should try to arrive in time
to greet the guests and reassure them that they are in the right place"

("the Complete Book of Australian Weddings", Kangaroo Press 1987 - No joke!)

However, according to German custom, there will be no groomsmen. We do not know why this is the case,
probably because they would be late anyway... So, in our case, Florian will try to arrive in time (1:30 pm)
and give you the reassuring feeling that, where there is a groom, there will be a bride!

Just in case you're lost, this is the chapel you are looking for on the grounds of Liebenstein:


We'd like to give you a rough idea of what is planned for that Saturday:

2 pm
Ali walks into the chapel

around 3 pm
drinks, nibbles and some music in the moat

later in the afternoon
an optional little "Spaziergang"/walk through the adjacent vineyards (It took Florian some time
to convince Ali that this seriously is a German tradition. Ali has bought white hiking boots...)

You might then want to have a little nap in the grass or your hotel bed, or else join our friend
Jochen in the beergarden of Liebenstein Castle.

7 pm
The reception is being held in the castle cellar opposite the chapel.
After dinner - to get the bridal party started - put your dancing shoes on for Florian's old saxophone teacher's
Rock'n'Roll band - Pumping Special...
Later on DJ "Shoe Bert" and DJ "Inden House" will be hitting the decks!

10 am
Hope you can join us for a nice Sunday breakfast buffet at the castle restaurant.

For kids:

One reason for us to choose Liebenstein Castle was that it is really great for your young kids (if you take them along).
There is no traffic, it is surrounded by walls - behind the walls there are vineyards or the golf course if one should be able to escape...
And there should be heaps of fun things to do on the castle grounds. We'll bring along some games and footballs.

For later on, when the reception is happening,
we were assured by the hotel management, that you can drive down the castle court
and you can park your car just in front of the reception venue, so that the kiddies can sleep inside the car.
The hotel people have had good experiences with this arrangement.

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