around the church - rund um die Kirche

Vorher, leicht nervös:
Slightly nervous, before the wedding:

waiting for the bride
walking to the chapel

Thanks to everyone who had a part in the service, first of all of course Pfarrer Winckler, all our family and guests for celebrating with us, our brothers Jörg and Miles for the translations, Pip and Jochen for the intercessions, Julia and Christoph for holding the rings (as there wasn't a cushion available), Anna and Claire for being our witnesses (you know what your duties are...), and of course the music which was beautifully played by Anna, Danilo, and Hermann. Thank you so much!

church parents sermon - Predigt Fuerbitten - Intercessions
holding the rings with the witnesses - "Trauzeugen" signing documents  
Anna - Saxophon Danilo - Guitar, drums, etc Hermann - organ

Nimmer ganz so nervös, nach der Trauung:
Slightly less nervous, after the wedding:

We made it! - Geschafft! Mama und Ali Seb Danilo - photographer extraordinaire

  Bouquet  3 Drurys 3 Maisels Chappers

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