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Gift suggestions

While your presence will be present enough, if you were considering bringing a gift,
we have put together a list of gifts we would really love. 

  If you would like to purchase something from our list below, please send
 an email to the gift-master (Ali's brother Miles) on the following address
 and tell him what gift you'd like to bring:

The gift-master will cross your selection off the list so there is no chance of doubling up.....

Here are the gift suggestions:

"Gray Pearl"
crockery set from Villeroy & Boch

Gray PearlWe have spent some time looking for a dinner set we like. We've found something really nice, and it is available all around the world. There are many different items to choose from, so we've put them on a separate site here. We are looking forward to having you over for dinner for some home made Yorkshire Pudding and Sauerkraut, served on some really nice china...

Robert Welch cutlery set "Radford"

Radford Cutlery SetWe found this cutlery set at David Jones in Australia. It should also be available in the UK. Please find more information on the UK website of Robert Welch, or go directly to the Radford cutlery set. You can even buy online and let them deliver it to where-ever you want - even Lovestone Castle...

Here is a list of items we really like (if not crossed out, they are still available):

        - 8 place sets (56 pieces)
x 2
        - butter blade
        - cheese knife
        - espresso spoons (8 pieces)
        - fish knifes and forks (8 sets)
        - pie server
        - salad servers
        - sauce ladle
        - serving set (3 pieces)
        - soup ladle
        - steak knifes (4 pieces) x 2

salt & pepper mills

Salt and Pepper Milll something similar to this would be great - you'll find it in any homeware shop

Riedel wine glasses - "Vinum" range

Riedel - wine glassesWe found these glasses in "Peter's of Kensington", for example. On their website, Riedel have a link where you can locate the closest shop near you (under "retailers" -> "shops").

Here is a list of glasses we liked from the "Vinum" range (if not crossed out, they are still available):

        - Brunello di Montalcino glasses x 8
        - Chamblis Chardonnay glasses x 8
        - Champagne flutes x 8

A really nice Aussie hardwood chopping board

Chopping BoardYou'll find boards like this one in Australiana shops all over the fifth continent. We found the picture on the website of ecofurniture from - where else - Byron Bay. They've got nice boards which are not quite straight cut, but a bit different.

"Basic" pots and pans

ifs and ands In order to cook the Yorkshire Pudding and Sauerkraut mentioned above, we had a look around for a set of pots and pans. The "Basic" set of pots from Silit looks very good to us, and is also available in Australia (e.g. David Jones), the UK, and Germany. Unfortunately, the Silit website is only in German (on the website, go to "Produkte" -> "Kochgeschirrserien" -> "Basic").

        - "Basic" low casserole (Bratentopf 16 cm)
        - "Basic" low casserole (Bratentopf 20 cm)
        - "Basic" low casserole (Bratentopf 24 cm)
        - "Basic" vegetable pot (Gemüsetopf 20 cm)
"Basic" casserole with handle (Stielkasserolle 16 cm)

        - frying pan from the "Elements" range (20 cm)
        - frying pan from the "Elements" range (28 cm)

Champagne bucket

champagne bucketWe've got no idea where to find a champagne bucket. Maybe you know where? And if someone would like to surprise us with some sparkling, we actually value the Aussie stuff quite highly, even though EU geographic indicator rules mean you can't call it Champagne.......

Alfi Thermos-Jug

Thermos JugThis is the 1.0 litre "Juwel" thermos-jug. You'll find a store near you on Alfi's website, or else there is an internet-order shop under this address  - unfortunately only in German.

Fondue Set

fondueFor cold winter nights, we'll need a fondue set. We really like this one from Silit , however, there are a number of fab fondue sets out there... Happy shopping!

A picture of the Aussie countryside, so we're always reminded of how great it is...

aussie picture This prezzie is already off the list - as a matter of fact, it is already hanging over our bed and we love it - thanks Claire and Maf!!!