If you'd like to help us out with the crockery set, here's a list of items we have selected.

Please email Miles (
gifts@ali-und-floz.de) if you'd like any number of these items removed from the list.

The figure next to listed items indicates the number of pieces still on our list.........

flat plate (27cm)  x 10 (4 remaining)

flat plate 27 cm

deep plate (24 cm) x 10

deep plate 24 cm

salad plate (22 cm) x 10 (6

salad plate 22 cm

oval platter (41 cm)

oval platter 41 cm

sauceboat and saucer

sauceboat   saucer for sauceboat

covered vegetable


coffee/teacup (0.20 litres) and saucer (16 cm) x 10

coffeecup   coffee saucer 16 cm

tea pot

tea pot





cakeplate 30 cm

cakeplate 30 cm

You can have a closer look at the Gray Pearl selection on the Villeroy & Boch website (under "Classic" -> "Gay Pearl").
There are also a few online shops for Villeroy & Boch products which you can find in Google.

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