Dear friends and family, welcome to our website!
Everybody else: Bugger off!

As you know, we will be itinerant for quite some time, and it will be difficult to catch up at times.
So we followed the example of two Norwegian friends, who set up their own website,
for their friends and family to follow what's happening in their lives.
And hopefully at some stage this website will be interactive. Until then, please let us know what's happening at your end
at or We're looking forward to hearing from you!

This website is a work-in-progress, and as such ever changing.
And as you might know from the wedding page, vigorous grammar revision is always ongoing, but...

...there is already something on it to see, and loads more to come. Enjoy!

Here are some photos from our big day!
We still get really excited looking at the piccies, but have a look for yourself...

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These two flags take you to the website we had prepared before the wedding.
We left it online, just in case that you want to go there again, relive it, or even plan your own wedding.
Choose your preferred language, and off you go...

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last updated 13.01.2006

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This website is private.
I think we still have to have this disclaimer, stating that we do not guarantee for content of pages
which are linked to this website. Maybe if one of you is a lawyer, we might need some advice on this...